On the night of July 1, 1997, the fire department responded to a 2-alarm fire in the 2100 block of 50th Ave in Oakland, California. Just moments earlier a woman ran from her burning house; the bottom of her dress ablaze. One of her neighbor's poured water on the woman's legs and called 911.
The woman identified herself as Stevie Allman, 52, an unemployed secretary. She had suffered first- and second-degree burns to her arms and legs. She told authorities that she suspected the fire had been set by drug dealers she had crossed.
An investigation as to the cause of the fire proved it was indeed arson and fire officials confirmed that they had been to the same residence twice before for firebombs that had been set off outside of the home.
Allman was also known to the Oakland Police. For over a year she had been secretly video taping drug dealers doing business on her street and she passed the tapes, along with tips, to the police.
When news surrounding the events of the third firebombing became public knowledge, Allman was hailed a hero and an anti-drug crusader. The lure of the ovewhelming media coverage proved too strong for Ms. Allman. She issued two statements from her hospital bed in which she condemned the drug dealers whom she claimed no doubt intended to murder her.
Police vowed to apprehend those responsible for what was described as a "cowardly act." Then Govenor Pete Wilson offered a $50,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators. A donation was set up in Allman's name to help cover her hospital costs and local contractors offered to rebuild her home.
Shortly after her appearance on television police would receive their first hint that things weren't as they appeared. Police were alerted that there were two women living in the house not one and one of them was missing.
Tips poured in from neighbors and Allman's oldest sister, Leotta Belleville, that the woman claiming to be Stevie Allman was in reality her younger sister, Sarah Mitchell.
The sisters had been living in the same house for twenty years and the two were often mistaken for twins as they closely resembled each other. But there the similarities ended.
Whereas Stevie was a quiet, somewhat reclusive secretary, Sarah had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and had been arrested for prostitution and fraud.
The police reopened the investigation and decided to search the home again in order to find clues as to the whereabouts of Stevie Allman. Officers searched the house with a dog and came upon a charred freezer that had been sealed with duct tape close to the point of origin of the fire. When officers opened the freezer they immediately uncovered the dismembered and decomposed body of who would be later as Stevie Allman.
Mitchell was arrested after she cashed the check made out to Allman consisted of donations received while she was in the hospital. When police confronted her with the fact that her fingerprints proved that she was Sarah Mitchell she admitted to impersonating her sister.
Police surmise that Mitchell had been assuming Allman's identity for almost two years. Mitchell's siblings confirmed this fact when they told police that Mitchell had been stealing from them for years. She had also posed as Stevie at least once before that the family knew of when she used Stevie's identity to cash a stolen inheritance check. Further investigation revealed that Stevie had last been seen alive in April of 1997 and when questioned by family members Mitchell would tell them that Stevie was in Lake Tahoe or Reno looking for a new home for them.
Stevie was about to cut Mitchell off. She was through with Mitchell stealing from her and was no longer willing to support her. Mitchell was about to lose her gravy train. Mitchell apparently bludgeoned Stevie while she slept and stuffed her dismembered body into the freezer. She then tried to cover up the murder by burning down the house and blaming it on drug dealers. Mitchell then assumed Stevie's identity in order to gain the deed on Stevie's house and access to her trust accounts.
Sarah Mitchell was convicted of first-degree murder with the special circumstance of financial gain. She was spared the death penalty when the jury recommended life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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Such a Selfish Person

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She is a monster who made her sister's life a living hell n for that she should burn in hell. I have 3 sisters who I would do anything for not kill them in order to do for myself. She is a heartless bi*#h who got rid of the only person who actually gave a d*#n enuf to put up with her broke and ungrateful ass. She didn't even own the s#*t she used to kill her sister with. Broke B*#* h!

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Evil bitch

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I agree with you anonymous 100%. June 23, 2012.

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The most awful murderer to date!!!!!! Why are there no pictures of this EVIL woman?

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Does anybody here watch deadly women?
This featured on the show! (i love this show)
Sarah truly was an idiot, anybody would half a brain would know that a freezer is insulated and would protect any contacts from fire.
What a stupid woman!!
Its a shame she didnt get the death penalty!!
Nasty evil and callous woman!!

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I just watched channel 111 id
this horrid story is Such a Sad Story for that Family s final outcome

Heyward Shepherd said...

She would have received lethal injection accept her family members pleaded to and begged the jury for mercy. Why I do not know. Maybe all of them are a little nuts.

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Oh one last thing she tried to blame it on the drug dealers seeing that area was predominately black that's fucked up as well have someone
Burn her up in a fire and show it on T.V. I would
Love watching that

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