Although Vera Renczi was without question one of the most prolific female serial killers in history, her motives were not based on greed but rather a pathological need for unerring devotion from her men.

Born in 1903 in Bucharest, Romania into wealth and privilege, by the age of 15 she had already engaged in numerous affairs, many of which involved men who were significantly older than she. Her childhood friends described her as being extremely jealous and overly possessive.

Vera's first marriage was to a wealthy business man several years her senior. She was pregnant with her son, Lorenzo, at the time. Unfortunately it did not take long for the marriage to sour. Spending time home alone with her son led to her conjuring up all manners of scenarios which involved her husband cheating. One evening, blinded by jealously, she decided to put an end to his imagined infidelity by spiking his dinner wine with arsenic. She covered up his absence by claiming that he had abandoned her and her son.

After observing the socially correct period of mourning, during which time Vera claimed to have received word that her first husband had been killed in an automobile accident, she remarried. This time the gentleman was closer to her age. In a matter of months Vera would again claim that her husband had abandoned her. After a year Vera supposedly received a "letter" declaring that her second husband had no intention of returning.

After two failed marriages, due entirely to her ingrained belief that all men were untrustworthy, Vera made the conscious decision not to remarry. However it did not stop her from continuing to take lovers. The men came from all types of social classes; rich or poor, married or not, it did not matter to Vera.

As was the case with her two husbands, if Vera had even the slightest hint of infidelity, and she inevitably did, the men disappeared months and in some cases even days after becoming romantically involved with her. If the missing men were connected to her she would simply say that they had either been unfaithful or had abandoned her.

Vera's downfall came at the hands of the wife of one of her lovers. The woman became suspicious about her husband's clandestine activities. She followed him one evening and watched as he entered Vera's residence. When her husband failed to return home the woman returned to Vera's residence to confront her. Vera denied that she knew the woman's husband and dispatched her post haste.

It was not long before the authorities showed up at Vera's front door. Apparently the woman did not take kindly to Vera's treatment of her and went to the police.

During a search of Vera's house the police entered her wine cellar and stepped straight in to what can only be described as a scene from the macabre. The cellar contained thirty-two zinc lined coffins which held male corpses in various stages of decomposition. Vera was arrested and taken to police headquarters at which time she confessed to having caused the death of each of the men in the cellar. If she suspected that they were being unfaithful or if their attraction to her was waning, the men were quickly dispatched with a dose of arsenic. She would spend time sitting in the wine cellar surrounded by her former lovers. Vera had finally achieved with their murders what she could not have while they were alive. Their undivided attention.

In addition, Vera confessed to killing her two husbands and her son, Lorenzo. There was obviously no love loss between mother and son. One day while visiting his mother Lorenzo happened upon her secret in the basement and attempted to blackmail her, thereby sealing his fate.

Vera Renczi was convicted on thirty-five counts of murder and spent the rest of her life in prison.


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Now I am proud to be a Romanian xD

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Abortion was needed

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I saw a picture of Vera on another site but I couldn't believe she could do something so terrible. She was so beautiful thus I was deceived like the men!!!

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