Betrayal in Blue!


In the early morning hours of March 4, 1995 a 1977 red and white Ford Torino pulled into the parking lot of the Kim Anh, a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant. Inside Chau, Quoc, Ha and Cuong Vu along with Vui a restaurant employee were closing up. Also inside was 25-year-old Ronnie Williams, an off duty New Orleans Police Officer who ran the security detail for the restaurant. Ten days earlier his wife had given birth to the couple's second son, Patrick.
As she spotted the car, Chau Vu sensed that something was amiss. She grabbed up the $10,000 in cash spread out on a nearby table and hid the money inside the microwave.

A female emerged from the car and approached the front door and finding it locked she used a key to unlock the door. Much to the shock of the occupants she entered the dining room and made her way towards the kitchen. Officer Williams asked her how she got hold of a key. She ignored him and continued towards the kitchen herding Chau Vu and her Brother Quoc in front of her on the pretext of wanting to speak with them privately.
Officer Williams, suspicions aroused, watched as they entered the kitchen. Unbeknownst to him a second occupant, a male, emerged from the car and slipped in through the door. He snuck up behind Officer Williams and shot him in the back of the head. The male fired again hitting Williams in the back of the neck and again, the last bullet ripping into his back. The killer then took Williams' revolver and wallet. Hearing the shots the female raced from the kitchen.
Seeing a chance to escape Chau grabbed her brother Quoc and Vui and ran towards the walk-in cooler, turned off the light, and closed the glass door. Unfortunately she was unable to get Ha and Cuong to follow her. The door provided them a view of the kitchen and front of the restaurant. The robbers searched the restaurant obviously looking for money. They returned to the kitchen where Ha and Cuong Vu were and forced them to kneel on the floor. The female shouted at them and demanded to know where the money was. As Chau and Quoc watched in horror the female began shooting. 21-year-old Ha was shot 4 times. 17-year-old Cuong took longer to die. He was shot a total of 6 times. The robbers then searched the kitchen and eventually found the money hidden in the microwave. Unable to find Chau, Quoc, and Vui, they left the restaurant. As the Torino peeled out of the parking lot a cardboard sign slid across the dashboard. Printed on the sign were the words NEW ORLEANS POLICE OFFICER ON DUTY!
After making sure the robbers were gone, Chau opened the door of the cooler. Her brother Quoc ran past her and went to a friend's house to call the police. Chau returned to the cooler and waited with Mrs Vui until the police arrived. When Chau saw two uniformed officers get out of an unmarked car she ran out of the restaurant towards them. In the meantime the female killer had returned to the scene alone in order to "take care" of the remaining witnesses. As she approached Chau she noticed the uniformed officers. Putting on a show of concern she asked Chau what had happened. Chau stared at her and said "You were There. You know everything" SHE was Antoinette Frank, a New Orleans Police Officer!
Antoinette Frank had joined the New Orleans Police Department when the force was in utter turmoil. Officers were being fired or arrested for murder and drug trafficking; earning the department the moniker of the most corrupt police department in history. Even though Frank had lied on her application, had scored poorly on standardized psychological evaluations, and been labeled unsuitable for the job of police officer, New Orleans, hurting for new recruits, ignored the warning signs and hired her anyway. Frank would later claim that she was psychologically scarred from being subjected to sexual, mental and physical abuse by her father when she was a child.
Antoinette also occasionally worked security detail at
the Kim Anh restaurant and she knew that the Vu family kept large amounts of cash there because they distrusted banks.
Frank was taken to police headquarters where she eventually confessed to the crime. She was arrested along with her accomplice, 18-year-old career criminal Rogers LaCaze and charged with first degree murder. They were both found guilty and sentenced to death.

One final note:
A month after Frank was sentenced to death by lethal injection, a dog found the remains of a skeleton under the house she had once shared with her father. She had reported him missing almost 2 years prior. There was a bullet hole in the skull!


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she should be executed she took 3 innocent lives, why should we care for her she is a cold blooded murderer

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