If you are stupid enough to kill your spouse at least come up with a plausible alibi, and you might want to remember that all your jailhouse conversations are recorded.

Stephen Grant was Mr. Mom. Tara Grant was a successful career woman and loving mother.
On February 14, 2007 Stephen Grant reported his wife missing. The police discovered that she actually went missing 5 days earlier.
Over the next few weeks Grant granted several interviews during which he portrayed himself as the emotionally distraught husband who was trying to shield his young children. A role that he would cruelly abandon.

The events that lead to his arrest and well deserved conviction are as follows:

  • Police obtained phone records which show that no calls were placed from Tara's cell phone or the home phone on the night of her disappearance.
  • A woman walking in the woods at Stoney Creek Metro Park discovered a Ziploc bag which contained latex gloves, baggies, metal shavings and blood.
  • Detectives obtained a search warrant for the Grant home and Stephen Grant's place of business.
  • Stephen Grant allowed police to execute their search warrant (as if he had a choice). He is granted permission to take his dog for a walk. He went to a neighbor's house and asked to borrow his truck. Stephen Grant disappears!
  • Investigators find a green plastic container containing Tara Grant's torso in the garage.
  • The following day more body parts were found in a wooded area in Stony Creek Metropark.
  • Grant was pursued and captured in Wilderness State Park. He was airlifted to Northern Michigan Hospital where he was treated for frostbite and hypothermia.
  • While hospitalized Grant gave a full confession as to how he strangled and then dismembered Tara's body in his father's tool and dye shop.

Grant was tried and found guilty of the charge of murder in the second degree. Unfortunately his monstrous behavior did not end here. While waiting for his sentencing he was visited by his sister, Kelly Utykanski. During the conversation he showed no remorse for the brutal way he murdered and dismembered his wife. As a matter of fact he and his sister made a joke about it. They joked about whether Tara was buried with all her body parts in one casket. Kelly talked about how she wanted to gag during Tara's eulogy. It was a disgusting display of human indecency on both their parts. Their remarks were recorded on 50 hours of taped conversation. Kelly passed herself off as a loving and protective aunt, at one point denouncing her brother in public, when all the while she was laughing about their mother's murder behind their back. To make matters worse she had previously been locked in a custody battle for the children with Alicia Standerfer, Tara's sister. Thank God she lost!

Stephen Grant richly deserved the death penalty. Not only did he take the life of their mother, he destroyed the lives of his children. After the trial it was revealed that the children witnessed the horrific murder of their mother.

I'll bet those three jurors who resisted first degree murder wish they could go back and change their vote!


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